Vendor Sign Up

Join 80 other vendors positioned throughout the Lane Events Performance Hall for an evening of sampling and sharing with 5,000 or more women whose ages are typically 25-65.

  • The event runs from 3-8PM with all booths required to be fully set up by 12PM.
  • Attendees come in waves so be prepared to handle the volume and enthusiasm of our guests.
  • A luncheon will be held 12-1:30, (200) attendees will be let into the main hall for a VIP preview at 1:30.
  • There’ll be health screenings, a fashion show and stage entertainment, food and beverage, demonstrations and above all else, laughter and learning.
  • This is the first and only event in Lane County designed for, of and about women of all ages.
  • 2017 vendors have 1st refusal on booth space.
  • Vendor packets will be released no later than 1/17/18 and will include Booth Space #, FAQ’s and loading time details.
  • Each vendor is required to provide a $50 item for giveaway

Click here to fill out the vendor application